Fly-by post

Taking 30 seconds out of my hell week (yes,'s tech time again!) to wish one of my dearest friends, Jaime a very happy birthday!

~mwah~ Love ya, dear! Hope it's a great one! ::hugs::

Man, my shoulders hurt!

They usually do after painting the entire stage floor by myself though, so I'm not all that surprised.

The mister and I actually had an evening to spend together last night. Unfortunately, we're broke so there wasn't really anything to do. Guess we'll have to wait for next Monday night.

I can't believe they killed off Speed on CSI: Miami! He was the only thing on that show that counter-balanced my absolute hatred for David Caruso. Now that he's gone, I just may not watch the show anymore.

Oh, well...that's okay really, 'cause it conflicts with American Chopper :)

Less than two weeks until our first show opens. And there's so much left to do! And we haven't even started WASP yet. ~faceplant~ It's gonna be a long semester.

The good news is, though, I've had all my work restrictions lifted for my thumb. So I can go back to work for the union in my free time! Yay! Extra money :)
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It's been awhile...

I'm sitting here eating really nasty pizza. They changed the pizza type at the food court from thick to thin crust. Yeah...Imo's it ain't, that's for sure!

This puppy thing is gonna kill me, I think. She doesn't like to sleep past seven in the morning. And she doesn't like to go to bed, either. At least we finally figured out why she doesn't like to eat. The puppy food is too hard for her to chew, so we wet it down a little bit last night and she snarfed it. One problem solved.

Now maybe we can get her to eat when it's actually dinner time and that way she won't go to bed without having done her business and wake me up at 6:15 desperate to go out.

Work, I guess. Nothing thrilling at the moment. I'm pretty burnt out on it all at the moment.

And the mister starts his show run tonight. So, for the next sixteen weeks, I get to see him only on Monday nights. Wow, life is gonna get boring. Especially considering the fact that we're real close to broke right now. I had hoped his first check for this show would come in Friday, but it's gonna be next Friday instead.

~faceplants~ I need a vacation...
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Fly-by posting, but...!

I got a puppy this weekend!!!

She's a 9 1/2 week-old beagle we named Daisy. She weighs 7.5 lbs and is just the cutest thing on four feet!

I'm giddy. Still. And we've had her for three days! :)
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(no subject)

I can't even think of a subject heading for this. Totally fried here, and it's only wednesday.

Can we possibly just call this week over? I'd really appreciate it.


Guess I'll get lunch now...

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition

The cast is off!

The thumb, however, is still broken. And I always forget just how nasty it looks until I see the x-rays again. It's now in a thumb spica (spike-uh) which is basically a splint that runs along the top of my thumb and is velcroed in place around the thumb and my wrist.

The good: I have the majority of my hand usable again, not just the fingers.

The bad: Now my wrist is really immobilized, but...

The great: The thing's removable and I'm actually supposed to take it off three or four times a day to work on getting the motion back into the joints.

My hand is gross. Let's just say I'm going to go through a lot of moisturizer in the next couple weeks. And my thumb bends funny now because the break is crooked and therefore the bone is now crooked. But I wasn't about to let them reset it for a second time.

So, two weeks of the spica and then another appointment. We'll see where it goes from there. The ortho said it could take as long as 8-10 weeks for it to heal completely. Whee. I'm so thrilled.
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Two more hours

That's all that's left until I go back to the ortho about this thumb. Please, please, PLEASE let them take the damn cast off today!! I'm going to lose my mind.

Haven't been sleeping well the past few nights. Last night was the worst. The fucking phone rang twice during the night! Went to bed around midnight. Took 45 minutes to fall asleep. Phone rang at 2:15. Wrong number. Took another half hour to fall asleep again. Phone rang again at 4:00. Blocked call on the ID that hung up before I could answer. Back to sleep. Alarm went off at 6 'cause the boy had to work at 7. Managed to snag a couple more hours of light sleep before I had to come into work.


Note to self: turn off the damn ringer tonight.
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Is it finally Friday?

Oh, thank god if it is! I'm ready to claw my eyes out if I have have to spend much more time in this building. Especially since they're retarring the roof and the whole damn building stinks of creosote! Bleah! :-P

Two weeks til classes start. Not sure if I'm thrilled about that or not.

Had lunch with Gary yesterday. Now that was fun! I always miss him over the summers.

I really have nothing to say today. Wow. When did I get so boring?
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